a day in the life…

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hi everyone a bit bored at the moment so ill tell you how my day has been. well i woke up at 12 and went to the ek shopping centre to go skating with a girl in my class we skated for a while and then went to the local park.at about half 5 i went for my train home and she went for her bus. my train was delayed by an hour ! nightmare got back at 6 and missed the start of my friends party and then had no reception so dont know where to go to meet them i guess i will just have to miss this one!
so now i am just sitting on facebook and watching the music channels and updating my itunes. i lead a fun life haha
going on holiday in 2 days woooo a med cruise with the family !

thats all for now hope you enjoyed reading this



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On my way to eastkilbride shopping centre to go ice skating with a girl from school i am terrible on the ice so lets hope i dont make a complete fool of myself.

its a blog!


Well here it is its definitely a blog.

i though for starters i would tell you all a little about myself. i am 14, male and living in the great city of glasgow. Im a confessed facebook addict and spend all my spare time facebooking texting or socializing. it’s summer so al schoolwork is forgotten as im in the mood for summer fun.

so yes bloggers thats a little about me just a little as you can see. im very very new to the blog scene so im not really sure how this works, how people see this and how i see others blogs. but im sure i will work it out eventually

dont be afraid to comment.

hello blog :)


Hi everyone
not really sure how to use this yet so i think some guidance would be helpful. what do people write blogs about ?